About Us

Jomaro Jewelry | UAE | Online Jewelry Shop
Jomaro is a family jewelry business that started in Spain, La Coruña, in the year 1994 by Pilar Martinez. She is a brilliant designer who still designs at Jomaro jewelry. Her zeal of crafting exquisite jewelry is visible in each of our pieces with a traditional touch that meets the modern.
Our idea is to create stylish jewels for the modern and elegant woman who is always on the move.  All our items are carefully handcrafted and each piece is exceptional in its appearance, as there are no pearls or gems that are similar in nature. We keep this in mind when we design.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to compliment the contemporary woman who likes to accentuate her look with stunning jewellery that will enhance her look manifold on a day to day basis. We offer a fresh approach to jewellery which is rare to find. Now Jomaro is happy to announce that we are launching an online store for your convenience to buy trendy and distinctive ornaments from the comfort of your home or office or wherever you may be.

Our Designs

This Spanish brand of jewelry is highly sought after. We use 24K gold plated 925 sterling silver and natural gems and pearls. Our amazing collection has unique designs that stand out and tell a story. Our exclusive pieces will delight you like never before. Our jewellery boasts of subtle nuances and perfect finish that is second to none. We are a perfect blend of traditional and modern.
Jomaro understands the specific needs of today’s women who like to define their beauty with fashionable ornaments to look elegant every day. Our jewellery is value for money. We believe in creating beautiful pieces so that each owner of our jewellery feels proud of wearing it due to its exclusivity.

Our Range

Our extremely attractive collection is already gaining a lot of popularity among women from all walks of life. You will find a large collection to choose from. They are easy to wear and even easier to care. You can now stock up on gorgeous jewellery through our website by a simple click of a button.
We can assure you that your friends will envy you for sporting such wonderfully crafted jewellery. So go ahead and pick up the magnificent pieces of your choice and flaunt them confidently.